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Danny Smolders is an artist with many strings to his bow, each of which he 'plays' with great passion. As painter, illustrator and poet, and primarily known due to the radio programme “Hallo Hautekiet”, he views the world from a romantic but critical punk perspective.
This dynamism is reflected in the spontaneous manner in which he paints. This approach means his work tends to evolve during the creation process. Some of the recurring themes include old legends, war and industry in Olen, which he often allows to bleed into each other. His fascination with female beauty is also a common theme, with his paintings often featuring stunningly beautiful virgins or furious shieldmaidens. His naive and erotic line drawings tend to favour scantily clad femmes fatales in decadent settings. This endless stream of seductive beauties has resulted in an erotic collection that would even make Louis Paul Boon proud.

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